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  • WizeChef Technologies

    Digitizing Pizzeria Operations™​

    We make pizza taste better than ever through innovation and deep integration of Technology. At the core is our own ground-baking, cloud-dwelling ERP software. It coordinates processes and optimizes resources. The result is a fully transparent streamlined business system with a powerful competitive edge.

    WizeChef cloud-based system of applications that we developed to enhance efficiency and performance of online & mobile pizza ordering for takeout & delivery. It collects and processes operations data, reports real-time business analytics on multiple levels, helps kitchen and delivery staff to be more efficient. The extent of its integration with the business is unprecedented in the industry.


    Think of all the decisions that need to be made on a daily basis when operating a restaurant. And now think of how much uncertainty, guesswork, bias or distorted information is behind almost every restaurant management routine. The best business decisions are grounded in full and accurate perception of reality. This is where Our Technology is breaking new ground. It makes every decision much more informed and by extension much more effective in reaching business objectives.


    Our IS System is the Information System (IS) that integrates fully with the client-side website.

    Partners access this Software As A Service (SaaS) through web-based application & can work by using any internet browser or mobile device. We are thoroughly interwoven into the process of pizza production, it controls every stage of order processing & the production of all our pizza restaurants. Our IS also helps restaurant managers supervise their employees, plan work schedules, maintain warehouse inventory, & analyze productivity.


    Our IS technology helps users manage a single restaurant as well as multiple units with equal efficiency, & it collects data used to analyze the companies productivity, & thanks to the tracking system, all pizzas are prepared from equally fresh ingredients & delivered hot to the customer, ensuring a quality product & happy customers.

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the data speak for themselves.

    $25-$30 Million

    Domino's & Papa Johns Are Spending Per Year On Their Digital Ventures & New Technology. With A Team of 200 IT Professionals.


    Dominos & Papa Johns Online Retention Rate


    Average Sales that chains are processing on digital platforms per store .

    46% Of Consumer

    Spend more who have loyalty programs & spend 20% more than value of Gift Card

    Increase Staff

    Productivity by 57% & Increase Bookings By 42%

    Reduce Missed 

    Delivery Count By 19%, Speed Up Delivery Times By 26%, Save on Fuel By 29% & Vehicle Maintenance Costs By 29%.

    30 Hours Saved 

    A week For Manager + Average Tickets Up 30% - Reduce Time required to Process Payroll By 80%.

    3 U.S. Large Pizza

    Chains process nearly 15% of all the Indepenedent Pizzerias Revenue via their Digital Platforms.

    51% Of All Mobile

    Searches on Google are for Restaurants yet as few as 5% of Restaurants have Mobile Compliant Websites.

    Fewer Than 16%

    Of all Restaurants Have an App & even Fewer have a Mobile Optimized Website.

    95% of Independent

    Pizzerias In U.S. Do Not Even Have a Mobile Optimized Website.

    Tens Of Thousands

    Of ill-equipped & Low Tech Independent Pizzerias in U.S.

    Up To 65%

    Reduction In Customer Enquiries By Offering Real Time SMS Updates & Tracking

    Customer Support

    Wage Savings of $30,000-$40,000.

    By Adding 1 Extra

    Delivery Per Hour Can Increase the Company's Return on a Drivers Wage by up to 35%.

    Improve Turn Time

    By 15%, Staff Tips by 30%, Loyalty Signups by 10x.

    Mobile Ordering

    Now Makes up 23% of all Food Orders.  

    60% Say Ordering

    Delivery & Takeout Via a Smartphone App is Easier than Calling a Restaurant.

    Due To Millennials 

    Digital Ordering For Restaurants is Growing 300% Faster Than Dine In Traffic.

    Data Says By 

    Adding Mobile & Online Ordering & Efficient Delivery Would Boost Sales By 30%.

    Mobile POS 

    Proximity Payments Expected To Be $5.4B by 2018.

    72% Of Single

    Location Restaurants Show Interest in Mobile POS Software.

    Pizza Leads All

    Other Industry Segments In Digital Ordering Adoption.

    It Took 15 Years

    For The Big 3 (Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut) to go From 0-50% digital sales.  Now all 3 have over 53% Digital Sales.

    Dominos &

    Papa Johns Digital Sales Are Now Over $6 Billion a Year.

    Digital Ordering

    Leads To A Higher Volume of Orders From Repeat Customers.

    In The Next 7 Years

    $100 Billion In Sales Will Transfer Over To Digital Ordering.

    The Big 3 Pizza

    Chains (Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut) Have Spent Over $40m On Their Digital Platforms.

    Dominos Has 200+

    IT People & Wants to Hire Another 50-60 This Year.  Pizza Hut Has 160+ Tech & Digital Staff.

    Dominos Investing

    Another $50-$60 Million in CapEx for Tech & Redesign Program.

    Over 3 Billion

    Pizzas Were Sold In U.S. 2015. 25% Of the Cheese Produced in U.S. Is Used For Pizzas.

    53% Of Americans

    Choose to get Their Pizza To Go.  28% Get It Delivered.  Only 19% Choose To Dine In.

    Dominos, Pizza Hut

    & Papa Johns Accounted for more than 45% of delivery sales in 2015. Up From 40% in 2014.

    Takeout & Delivery

    Market Overall is $70 Billion, with 13% or Less of that coming from Digital Sales (2015).

    Consumers Prefer

    To Order Via Restaurant Website or App.

    Consumers Don't

    Want To Wait More Than 45 Minutes for Delivery & Pay No More Than $4.99 Delivery Fee

    Mobile Notifications Have

    50-80% Engagement that's 29x More Effective than Emails.

    63% of Pizza Lovers

    Are Women & Love Their Cell Phones.

    41% of Millennial

    Women Don't Carrry Cash & Rely on Their Smartphone.

    More Than 6 Million

    Adults said they would give up sex for a year before they'd stop eating Pizza.

    Capturing Millennials is 

    Critical.  There were 86 Million Millennials in 2013, eclipsing 2nd place Baby Boomers by 10%.

    In 2014 Millennials

    Made 14 Billion Visits to Restaurants and spent 

    $95 Billion.

    1/3 Of Millennials

    Use Online Ratings To Gain Pizza Information.  54% Have Taken a Picture of Pizza & Posted Online.

    U.S. Pizza Annual 

    Sales of $39 Billion, is roughly the Equivalent to the 2014 GDP of Panama!

  • Why Digital

    Aaron Allen is a global restaurant consultant and the founder/CEO of Aaron Allen & Associates, a leading global restaurant industry consultancy specializing in growth strategy, marketing, branding, design and concept development. Aaron has personally lead boots-on-the-ground assignments in 68 countries for clients ranging from startups to multinational companies posting in excess of $37 billion. Collectively, his clients around the globe generate over $100 billion annually and span six continents and more than 100 countries.

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